Christopher Mallick: Lives Cloaked in Secrecy

Obscurity was important to the adult film stars who worked in the industry so many years ago.  Some participants were able to avoid scrutiny since their work was not known.  Today, this is not possible because of the Internet.  Christopher Mallick produced this film with some of the most famous adult film stars to learn about their challenges.  Family members and friends have different reactions to the work.  Once the adult film star decides to leave the industry, most people will leave the past behind and allow relationships to heal, while others may reconsider.  Christopher Mallick hopes that the same technology that took away the privacy will create understanding.

Christopher Mallick: Real People, Real Lives

Houston from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Houston from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

At the end of the day, adult film stars left the set and returned to a personal life that involved other people.  Christopher Mallick decided to interview former adult film stars and create a documentary titled, “After Porn Ends.”  Each person told of the difficulty of home and work melding together.  Throughout the time these former stars participated in the films, money was plentiful, but friends were scarce.  Today, most have moved on to other careers and wanted to share some personal details about the journey.  Some of the participants in the film told Christopher Mallick that current adult film stars need to watch the documentary.

Christopher Mallick: From Many Walks of Life

Nina Hartley from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Nina Hartley from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Adult film stars had lives before their acting efforts.  Some had been artists, Ivy leaguers, child prodigies or baseball players, and each one left the adult film industry to find a new life in some other career. Some friends and family are not convinced that the adult film industry was good for the participants.  Disagreements can fester for years if the former adult film actors do not handle the situation correctly.  The purpose of the film is to provide valuable insight to the people who might otherwise misunderstand.

After Porn Ends:!/AfterPornEnds

Christopher Mallick: Porn Stars for Puppies

Mary Carey from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Mary Carey from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

On June 3, 2012, some of the participants of the “After Porn Ends” documentary met at Tailwaggers to participate in a fundraiser.  “Porn Stars for Puppies” was an effort coordinated by the L.A. Animal Rescue.  This fundraiser allowed former adult film stars to participate in an important cause that displayed their care for furry friends.  The newest documentary from Chris Mallick is a series of interviews of the most famous stars in the history of the adult film industry.  Each one faced personal challenges when they decided to depart from life in adult films.  Many people are surprised to find that each one faced stiff challenges.

Christopher Mallick: Guard Your Scripts

Chris Mallick

Christopher Mallick has recently released his next big hit, a documentary film, After Porn Ends.

Aspiring screenwriters will gain insight from reading scripts and watching films and television series.  Christopher Mallick reminds all writers to protect their scripts from curious onlookers.  A script has value to the right people in the film industry.  A valet in a parking garage does not need to find a script on the front seat of a client’s car.  Christopher Mallick encourages all writers to pay close attention to the people who see the script.  Only those who can transform that script into a film should see the script.  Once a producer, like Christopher Mallick, shows interest in the script the process will move quickly.

Christopher Mallick: Fan of Writers

Movie producers gain a deep appreciation for good writers.  Christopher Mallick encourages aspiring screenwriters to spend some time writing every day.  Practice develops writing skills that make a story come to life.  The opportunity to present an idea might arrive at any time or place.  Serious screenwriters will write about their experiences and offer an idea to producers, like Christopher Mallick.  Great stories draw audiences into the story.  Screenwriters are the creative geniuses who start the entire process.  Christopher Mallick produces films that cause the audience to think.  Anyone can be critical of a film, but the most difficult job of all is to write the script.

Christopher Mallick: Film Maker with a Cause

Chris Mallick film producer

Christopher Mallick Fim Producer at Oxymoron Entertainment

Christopher Mallick is proud to be recognized as an Independent Filmmaker. However, rival filmmakers have created some challenges for Christopher Mallick and others who wish to work outside the studio system. Long records of unpaid bills have made agents and actors leery of working on independent films. Christopher Mallick addresses those concerns by placing the Actor’s entire salary in escrow the day that he or she is hired. This successful method insures every actor they are compensated for their contribution to the film.

Christopher Mallick knew that he had to win over the agents if accomplished actors were going to participate in his films. After the completion of his first film, much of the talent chose to work again with Mallick in his next production.

Independent filmmaking presents many opportunities to revolutionize the filmmaking process. One of Christopher Mallick’s goals is to bring the best part of the film industry back to life.  Instead of allowing the actions of others to impose limits on Christopher Mallick and his team, they’ve come up with innovative approaches to the craft. Many in the industry have recognized Christopher Mallick’s personal artistic vision to filmmaking. With the submission of additional scripts, Christopher Mallick looks forward to the production of future films and projects.