Christopher Mallick: Film Maker with a Cause

Chris Mallick film producer

Christopher Mallick Fim Producer at Oxymoron Entertainment

Christopher Mallick is proud to be recognized as an Independent Filmmaker. However, rival filmmakers have created some challenges for Christopher Mallick and others who wish to work outside the studio system. Long records of unpaid bills have made agents and actors leery of working on independent films. Christopher Mallick addresses those concerns by placing the Actor’s entire salary in escrow the day that he or she is hired. This successful method insures every actor they are compensated for their contribution to the film.

Christopher Mallick knew that he had to win over the agents if accomplished actors were going to participate in his films. After the completion of his first film, much of the talent chose to work again with Mallick in his next production.

Independent filmmaking presents many opportunities to revolutionize the filmmaking process. One of Christopher Mallick’s goals is to bring the best part of the film industry back to life.  Instead of allowing the actions of others to impose limits on Christopher Mallick and his team, they’ve come up with innovative approaches to the craft. Many in the industry have recognized Christopher Mallick’s personal artistic vision to filmmaking. With the submission of additional scripts, Christopher Mallick looks forward to the production of future films and projects.


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